Bar Harbour Camp
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Become part of our Community

At Bar Harbour Camp, you will work with youth from ages 6 to 17. Enhance leadership, team work, organization and time management skills while sharing the best of yourself to provide a safe, inclusive and fun summer camp.
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Why be a Bar Harbour Camp Staff?

Being a member of our Summer Camp Staff is both exciting and, at times, exhausting. There are a wide variety of experiences during the camping season.

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Have a gift of time or talent?

There are many ways to volunteer at Bar Harbour Camp. From kitchen to fundraising, there is something for everyone to get involved!

Be Kind, Make a Difference

Be Kind,Make a Difference were words lived by Bar Harbour camper and LIT Derek Schenk. Derek, with his positive outlook on life and kindness shown to everyone, made a special difference to those who knew him. Derek was the highlight speaker at the 2016 Bar Harbour Camp Community Dinner and Dance and the 2016 Champion Child for the Stollery Children's Hospital in Edmonton. Sadly Derek passed away in December 2016. Beginning in 2017 Bar Harbour Camp staff have worn the orange color shirts in memory of Derek.