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campers and canoes on lake shore

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About Us

Bar Harbour Camp operates youth camping programs during the summer months for persons between the ages of 6 and 17. Camps run during summer months, but the campsite itself is operational May 15th to October 15th as a rental facility for everything from camping to weddings, family reunions to birthdays.

Bar Harbour Camp strives to offer affordable, quality Christian-based youth camping experiences for all Bar Harbour campers, from all walks of life. Volunteer involvement, community support, and involvement from area churches and organizations help make Bar Harbour what it is today.

The Bar Harbour Camp Society is a registered non-profit organization supported by various communities in Central Alberta.


Provided by Board Member Verna Rock

Bar Harbour's land is close to 100 acres of secluded lakeshore property. It was donated by the landowner Fred Holder, to the United Church of Canada in the 1920's to be used for "youth camping." Over time, the camp has changed, grown, and developed into what it is today. This is where Bar Harbour Camp started for me. Mr. Fred Holder, originally from Nova Scotia, came to Alberta in the 1890's before the Klondike gold rush, he was in charge of a dredger on the North Saskatchewan river. After the gold rush in 1902, Fred came and established his homestead on the shores of Buffalo Lake.

Fred was a reader and today we would call him a self educated man. He was instrumental in starting UFA, Wheat Pool and Trustee Association and he looked for no reward at the end, but no man followed the teachings of Jesus Christ more faithfully. If a man asks you to lend him your coat, lend him your cloak as well. "Love Thy Neighbor," "do unto others as you would have them do unto you," and "if a man asks you to walk with him a mile, walk with him twain." Fred lived by these.

Our family spoke so highly of Grandpa Holder (Fred Holder) who lived with my grandparents Mary and Earl Lagore and family during his last years. He had a cabin on the property for several years, but in his declining years he moved into their home. He opened his heart to the community, the shore of the lake to boating on his magnificent schooner, strapping blades on shoes and boots for skating in winter, his land to ball games and other sports and after a day on the lake everyone was treated to the famous Buttermilk pancakes, mom always said no one could made pancakes like him.

With leaving his land of Bar Harbour, to the United Church, it was his hope to maintain this land for the betterment and enjoyment of children in our district and surrounding areas. And now 50 years later, as a director for Bar Harbour Camp, I get to see the happiness of the kids that are coming to camp each week. Come and see where you might be able to support us with your knowledge, time and camp spirit. 

The Bar Harbour Camp Society, a registered non-profit organization, is a group of people from various communities in Central Alberta. Members are elected to the board of directors which operates the camp, property, and facilities on behalf of the United Church of Canada, which owns the land.

Be Kind, Make a Difference

Derek Schenk was a camper for many years at Bar Harbour Camp he was also an Leader-In-Training, looking forward to becoming a Camp Counsellor. His attitude of welcome and joining in to give his best was a true inspiration to many. His goal was to be a friend to everyone. 

Derek passed away from Cancer in 2016 at the age of 17.The orange t-shirt (Derek's favourite colour) reminds us all to make a difference in the world.These are his words, and we are honoured to live by them.