Bar Harbour Camp

Meet the Board of Directors

The Bar Harbour Camp Board of Directors are committed to making Bar Harbour Camp a safe, fun, and inclusive space for all.

Ryan Koehli

Ryan Koehli has been involved in Bar Harbour Camp in a variety of roles including camper, counsellor, volunteer and a member of the Board. He is currently the President and is mostly involved behind the scenes to help make all the pieces fall together. He enjoys time spent at Buffalo Lake and believes the camp helps people become the best they can be.

Helen Reed

Helen Reed has been involved with Bar Harbour Camp for about 20 years. She has been Director, Program provider, Emergency cabin counsellor, God Talk and chaplain, Cook, Taxi, Toilet Cleaner and much more. She has been a member of the Camp Board of Directors for many years taking on the roles of secretary and registrar.

Verna Rock

Our family spoke so highly of Grandpa Holder (Fred Holder) who lived with my grandparents Mary and Earl Lagore and family during his last years. He had a cabin on the property for several years, but in his declining years he moved into their home. He opened his heart to the community. With leaving his land of Bar Harbour, to the United Church, it was his hope to maintain this land for the betterment and enjoyment of children in our district and surrounding areas. And now 50 years later, as a director for Bar Harbour Camp, I get to see the happiness of the kids that are coming to camp each week. Come and see where you might be able to support us with your knowledge, time and camp spirit.

I am Verna Rock, born and raised in the Stettler, Botha area and Bar Harbour has always had a place in my heart, with stories from my grandparents, my mother and her siblings. I feel Mr. Holder will always be a part of my dream to keep his dream alive.

MaryAnn Pastuck

MaryAnn is a retired Diaconal Minister from the United Church of Canada. She has been involved at Bar Harbour camp since her children were old enough to camp and feels it is a privilege to have had her grandchildren attend Bar Harbour Camp as well. Her first position was as a Director for the Teen camp, one she held for three years. She volunteered to help at the camp rather than have her community of faith send money. They may have done that too. One might say she was hooked.

Since then, she had created many programs for the Camp and served as the leader of the Christian Development part of the programs,
cooked, was the camp Grandma when her youngest grandchildren attended. She has also served on Christian Development and
Camp Committees in the wider church. MaryAnn thinks it is a decade or more that she has been a Director on the Board at Bar Harbour Camp.

Darielle Rairdan

Darielle is the third generation of her family to attend Bar Harbour Camp. Camp is something Darielle has always held very close to her as she attended every summer as a camper for 12 years and returned as staff for many years as a Leader in Training, Program Counsellor, Assistant Director, and Director. She has been an active member behind the scenes for several years on the Youth Camp Committee, as a board member, and is now the chair of our Fundraising Committee. Her ultimate goal being on the board is to create programming in an atmosphere that can make camp a welcoming and unforgettable experience for all campers and staff. Darielle has a passion for children of all ages, when she is not with our campers during the camp season, she is pursuing her goals of becoming a Child Psychologist.