About Us


About Us

Bar Harbour Camp operates youth camping programs during the summer months for persons between the ages of 6 and 17. Camps run during summer months, but the campsite itself is operational May 15th to October 15th as a rental facility for everything from camping to weddings, family reunions to birthdays.

Bar Harbour Camp strives to offer affordable, quality Christian-based youth camping experiences for all Bar Harbour campers, from all walks of life. Volunteer involvement, community support, and involvement from area churches and organizations help make Bar Harbour what it is today.

The Bar Harbour Camp Society is a registered non-profit organization supported by various communities in Central Alberta.

Bar Harbour Camp History
The Bar Harbour Camp Society, a registered non-profit organization, is a group of people from various communities in Central Alberta. Members are elected to the board of directors which operates the camp, property, and facilities on behalf of the United Church of Canada, which owns the land.

Bar Harbour's land is close to 100 acres of secluded lakeshore property. It was donated by the landowner Fred Holder, to the United Church of Canada in the 1920's to be used for "youth camping." Over time, the camp has changed, grown, and developed into what it is today.



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